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The following projects and photos only show a fraction of the range and styles of gardens we can produce!

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 Tumbling cascades, and the splashing of water onto moss covered rocks, as the streams wind their way through
lush undergrowth to the cool tranquility of a shady pool. 


 This area started out as a small concrete pond built under the canopies of mature specimen trees.
The client was looking for waterfalls, streams, and moving water to bring the area to life.


The existing pond had to be considerably enlarged to be able to support the volumes
of water feeding the streams.
Stone slabs were installed as bridges where the gravel paths crossed the streams.
The existing ferns were moved and transplanted,
and the planting was expanded to include a large new bog garden adjacent to the pond.





After dark the whole area is transformed by lighting hidden under the waterfalls and in the pools. A magical place to spend time late on a warm summer evening.