pond construction cleaning and maintenance GloucestershireWe are able to undertake all aspects of pond maintenance, either as a one off, or on a regular basis, whether it’s the complete overhaul of a neglected pond, or a regular visit just to maintain the filter system.

We can advise on filter installations or upgrades for existing ponds as well as new.

We can offer advice on the best course of action to carry out any repairs to leaking ponds and watercourses, or undertake a complete relining.

We can undertake replanting work, splitting and repotting liles or marginals, thin out oxygenating plants, or any other task required.

 pond construction cleaning and maintenance hereford  



Pond Cleaning  •  Pump cleaning  •  filter cleaning  •  pond treatments  •  repotting plants  •  splitting lilies

Pond repairs  •  waterfall repairs  •  pond re-lining