pond construction newent ross ledburyOne of our main specialities is the construction of water gardens. We have the skill and experience to be able to create any size or style of pond or lake. Whether it’s a formal architectural pool or a large natural wildlife pond we will create a feature that will fit perfectly into its surroundings.



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Using natural stone hand selected from the quarry and working with the lay of the land we can build streams and waterfalls that look as if they have been flowing through the landscape for years.


As many people have found, successful pond construction is more than just digging a hole in the ground. We are regularly called upon to advise and rebuild faulty and badly designed ponds and watercourses. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation we are happy to try and help.



Leaking ponds and streams can be very frustrating. Our years of experience are our best tool available. After our initial assessment visit we can suggest the best available course of action together with the likely costs.

 Through our associate outlet, The Watershed, we are also able to supply and install all forms of self contained water features.





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